She had never found military life hard.

Her subsequent exile, she found harder than anything she could have imagined.

From a young age her Highguard father trained her fighting and leadership skills.
Being a member of the Talaric Guard Was one of the highest honours
In all the known world. The only world she had ever known. As it turns out, was alot
smaller then she had realized.
The inate powers of a psion had grown along with her training, manifesting in great charisma,
wit, and cunning. All to become that which was praised and destined. A Talaric Warmaster.

At this very moment What is she?, she often asked. Emotions in
toil over what had happened, and what she had done. Had she been mistaken? No, they died because of her. Her teleportation had always been a contravercial tactic. What is she? Mistakes happen right?
Fault? Blame?

Just keep walking.

A path not knowing.

Further from all she knew and wanted.

Wenspire is a human, female, Ardent.
What she lacks in size and age, she makes up for with speed and tenacity.
Having been trained in the arts of Talaric battle, she assumes a leadership role naturally
and focuses on positioning and team synergy. With a broad array of utility/heals she can
support and CC to best keep the party in optimal position.

These days she wears a long dark hooded cloak and scarf to hide the ornate
Talaric chainmail underneath.
Her weapon of choice has always been the greatsword, as it fits her forward personality
and focus point. Her training started as a young girl with a shortsword,
followed by a longsword until she was strong enough to wield a greatsword.
She carries with her an empty bottle, and an ancient bound text that she guards
from prying eyes.


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